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My name is Michael Williams and I am an Alpine Skier for Jamaica. I am not the youngest and I am not the fastest on the slopes but I have a lifelong dream. My dream is to represent Jamaica in Alpine Skiing at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Take a moment to read my profile and website and you will learn more about myself and my dream and why I want to achieve it. Thank You!

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The summer is over and a lot has happened! We have a new main sponsor! S. Oliver Austria Vertrieb GmbH is now the new official Head Sponsor for us and we are so happy to be working with them.

So now after 6.5 months of intense rehab on my knee and being invited to be in a movie skiing, it is time to hit the snow and begin training in the glaciers in our quest to reach Sochi.

It all starts again on October 2nd in Hintertux and we are happy to get back to work.

Thank you S.Oliver Austria and to all of our supporters who have stood behind us all the way.

Big Thanks from Jamaika Mike.



My personal milestones so far

My First Race!

First Day back on Skis!



My First FIS Race

Conditioning Camp in Turkey!



My First Race!

My First Race!


My first ever ski race was a Master’s FIS Race 05.03.2011 in Bischofswiesen. I used a friend’s helmet, skis, boots, jacket and ski pants as I did not have my own. However, I finished the race in one piece and was proud.

Knee Operation

Knee Operation


On 28.02.2013, I finally had the knee operation to repair my torn ACL. I skied in the WM without my ACL and used a special brace to help me. The operation was a huge success and now I am on the road to recovery.

WM in Schladming!

WM in Schladming!

14. and 16.02.13

Perhaps the greatest achievement in my sporting career was to represent Jamaica in Giant Slalom and Slalom at the WM in Schladming on 14.02.2013 and 16.02.2013 in front of my family and friends! I will never forget it!

My First FIS Race

My First FIS Race


My first FIS Race was 03.03.2012 in Jenner. I finally had my own skis, helmet, boots, poles, gloves and racesuit from my sponsors and felt like I belonged. What a great day!

My Story

Why i want to compete in the Olympics



I shared this with two very special people I have recently lost in my life. I shared this “DREAM” with my “brother” Andrew, aka “The Beav”. Andrew was a cousin but we grew up together and since I grew up without a Dad, Andrew took over this role in my life. He mentored me in so many ways with my life skills and athletics. He always told me to follow my dreams no matter what. In 1998 Andrew was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and battled this form of cancer and brain cancer for the next 9 years. He lost his battle in 2007 to brain cancer at the age of 47 but all through this time our relationship became closer and during our many, many talks “THE BEAV” secretly encouraged me to one day go after my dream. He always told me I had two choices in life, “TO ACCEPT THINGS OR TO REJECT THINGS” and that your dreams are something that should NEVER be rejected. Thanks for the advice Beav!

The second person I shared this “DREAM” with was Kris Risk. Kris was one of my very best friends from High School, someone I looked up to, someone everyone who knew Kris looked up to. She lived her life on her terms and got more out of life than most ever will. Kris was also taken away from us too early at the age of 39. Kris battled a very rare disease from the time she was in her 20’s and she lost the battle in 2008. One day in 2002 at dinner with her, I finally got up the nerve to share this crazy dream of competing for Jamaica in the Winter Olympics in “something” with her. After I told her this there was a short pause and silence from her. She looked me dead in the eye and said “If that’s what you dream of doing then do it!” I will never forget that. To be honest, I don’t

remember what happened after that at dinner, except that her words rung in my head for a long time after and a the little fire in belly kept burning.


Fast forward to 2010 and the Winter Games of Vancouver and I saw two things that made the little fire in my belly grow.

I saw two people compete in 2010 in Alpine events at the Winter Olympics and these two people inspired me and showed me that I too can do it.

First was seeing the “Snow Leopard”, Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong from Ghana and watching his story first on CNN. I could not believe what I heard, he was no “Eddie the Eagle” no disrespect to Eddie but Kwame aka “The Snow Leopard” was a fascinating story. After moving to England to study and seeing snow for the first time in his life when he got to England, Kwame developed a dream of his own and qualified for the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver after only starting skiing a little over 5 years ago. I thought if he could do it, I could do it! However, there was still the “HOW?” then came a phone call.

A friend of mine who was at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver watching, called me one day and said..”Mike, you won’t believe this but there is a skier for Jamaica competing in Skicross, you should check this out!” Check it out I did, I went straight to the internet to look up this pioneer named Errol Kerr. To my surprise, not only was Errol competing in Skicross for Jamaica but he was doing well too! Errol went on to finish an incredible 9th place in Skicross, the best placing for a Caribbean athlete in any event in the Winter Olympic Games. Errol, like myself, was not born in Jamaica but he wanted to represent the island mostly known for churning out some of the world’s best sprinters on the International level in a sport not famously known to be linked to the country….SKIING!


Put these 2 things together (Andrew/Kris and Kwame/Errol) and it to the little dreamer inside of me from 1988 and it was a recipe for me to do it too! I want to do something bigger than me. My son is at an age where he dreams now of doing things in his life and I want to show him (and others if it so be), that it is ok to dream and follow these dreams because “DREAMS ARE AGELESS!”


WHY JAMAICA: Good question!

I am thankful to have been born and to have grown up in Canada as a Canadian – Hockey, Road Hockey and everything else “Canadiana”. I am also fortunate enough to have been raised in a West Indian “Jamaican” household.

Having my Mother and Grandmother try to teach me things and implement things in my growing up that would help me be well mannered, respectful to my elders and a whole lot more was a blessing. Listening to their stories of their childhoods and upbringings, mixed with lessons of Jamaican History and their journeys to Canada, always made me proud to be of Jamaican heritage.

The endless sayings from my Grandmother (“One one coco fill basket”, “Is more than one time monkey want wife” and my favourite “When dog have money him buy cheese!”….still no clue what that means but I love it!), these sayings and millions more and my Mother’s persistence for me to follow them, never left me and therefore I always wanted to give something back to them and the country they grew up in. So now I want to say “Thank You Jamaica!” as it is a very big part of me.

Quick Facts

Born on October 6, 1969 in Montreal, Canada.
Height 6’1″
Weight: 187lbs

My favourite skiers to watch when I was young were Alberto Tomba and Pirmin Zurbriggen
My favourite skiers now to watch are Aksel Lund Svindal, Felix Neureuther, Marcel Hirscher and Tina Maze



2011 to Present Member of Jamaican National Ski Team
- Participated in World Alpine Championships in Schladming, Austria – Represented Jamaica in Giant Slalom and Slalom events.

American Football Professional Career in Europe

1995 St. Gallen Raiders- Swiss Elite League- QB - Swiss National Semi Finalist- Voted Team MVP
1996 Hamburg Blue Devils- German Football League (GFL)- QB/WR - European Champions
1996 Hamburg Blue Devils – Coach – Offensive Coordinator - German Champions
1997 Hamburg Blue Devils- Coach – Offensive Coordinator - European Champions
1998 Hamburg Wild Huskie – Head Coach -GFL 3rd Division - German Champions
2001-2004 York University Lions – Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator - York Lions win first ever playoff game in 2002
2008 Frankfurt Universe- GFL 3rd Division- Player – QB (38 years old) Division Co Champions – Moved up to second league

Track & Field Career – 1993- 1994- University of Western Ontario

1993 Competed in following events: 200m, 300, 4x 200m Relay, 4x 400m Relay
1994 Competed in following events: 200m, 300m, 600m, 800m, Long Jump, 4x 200m Relay, 4x400m Relay, 4x800m Relay

1994 Voted Team Capitan in 1994
Team Member of 4x400m Staffel bei den National Championships- Bronze
Voted Team Most Valuable Athlete (MVP) in 1994 for University of Western Ontario

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